Norman Piette EcoHomes


Norman Piette Ecohomes can save you time and money during the building process and reduce your future energy bills.

At Norman Piette Ecohomes, we recognise that to keep pace with modern technology and building practices, we need to offer the local housing market and construction industry low-energy and low-carbon buildings.

By combining highly insulated and low impact building materials with renewable sources of energy we are providing the next generation of dwellings. We have the experience that comes from designing and supplying over 1000 energy efficient homes and extensions in the Channel Islands.

More recently, our expertise in timber engineered products has grown considerably and we now also install units and provide clients with wind and watertight structures as well as meeting the exacting specifications for thermal insulation and air tightness.

All our structures are manufactured in the Channel Islands using advanced building technologies that are tried and tested throughout the UK & Northern Europe.

Our Services

We install the majority of our new-build projects, commencing with the ground floor sole-plates on the concrete slab and leaving the site with a wrapped and temporarily watertight structure.
The various follow-on trades, internal and external, are then able to commence their work.

We sometimes offer an install service for an extension, but these are often done on a supply only basis and the main contractor undertakes the install as part of their general building work. This is due to the complexity of extensions and the amount of additional work that needs to be done to the existing structure while the new components are being installed. This is discussed and determined on a project specific basis.

Our components are delivered to site, using a mix of articulated trailers and HIAB (crane) equipped lorries.

Each project may have unique issues with access and space, so we work with clients to establish to best way of ensuring deliveries can be achieved.

We are an approved delivery partner for Kingspan SIPs, and source our SIPs from their UK manufacturing facility in Yorkshire.

Our timber frame, trusses and metal web joists are all made in our Manufacturing Facility on Bulwer Avenue.

We work best with clients, architects and project engineers from the earliest stage, so that we can contribute to the accurate design and engineering required for every project.

We take the architect’s plans and then engineer their design to suit the requirements of our system. Our engineering information for the bulk of the superstructure (walls, floors and roof) is then passed on to the client’s project engineer, so that they can integrate this into their design of the foundations.

This enables the information of the main design parties (architect, engineer & ourselves) to be coordinated and accurate, allowing for main contractors to be given a comprehensive tender package for them to quote from, minimising the grey areas of detail that so often lead to disputes between clients and builders later on.