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Stay Home?

02 March 2021

We have just seen the largest annual rise in the average property price for over 10 years and, even when coupled with low mortgage rates, the cost of moving home is now likely to be a steep one.

Taking out a new mortgage on a £700,000 home at 85% Loan to Value will incur mortgage costs alone of approx £25,000, that’s before the added cost of the property and the monthly increase in mortgage payments.

Altogether, it might make more sense for you to stay where you are and add to your living space.

An Ecohomes extension could be the ideal solution. They provide flexible options that make it faster and easier to extend either out or up and provide spacious, comfortable and energy efficient living areas.

If you don’t think you have the space, you may be surprised as even a small extension can make a big difference. Adding a bedroom, extra bathroom or home office can give everyone that extra bit of breathing and working room. Or, for a slightly grander design, an open plan kitchen and living room can really make an impact.

Why not take a look at your current home and start making plans. Think about the difference there would be if you created a study, added a utility, had a separate dining space or an extra bathroom. Then consider if you have any odd spaces externally or internally that, with a few extra feet, could add up to a big difference.

You can then talk to an architect or contact us for an informal chat. Of course we can’t visit at the moment but we can give you feedback on what is possible and what to do next.

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