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Putting timber frame in the spotlight

25 May 2021

Timber frame is a popular build option that offers speed, flexibility and energy efficiency for new builds and extensions.

Yet, even some construction professionals are uncertain of what it comprises and what the benefits are, so this article is going to break it down into its component parts.

We’ll begin by stating the obvious, a timber frame building uses a timber frame to carry the structural load. This frame is then sandwiched between a number of components.

From the outside in there is:

  • Cladding such as granite, brick, render, composite or timber boards to provide weather resistance.
  • A breather membrane which ensures the frame breathes and prevents moisture penetration. It also provides weather protection during the build.
  • OSB (oriented strand board) or Plywood lining fitted to the frame to provide strength and rigidity.
  • Wall insulation fitted between the timber frame to provide optimal thermal performance and lower energy bills.
  • A Vapour control layer to prevent interstitial condensation and limit air leakage.
  • Plasterboard and internal finishing

This ‘sandwich’ of materials results in a building that is indistinguishable from traditional masonry construction, but is quicker to build, exceptionally thermally efficient and has considerably less impact on the environment.

Benefits of Timber Frame

  • Ecohomes timber frame structures are precision engineered and manufactured off-site. This ensures the highest level of accuracy which simplifies construction on site.
  • Better thermal efficiency resulting in reduced operational cost of finished buildings
  • On average, a 25% – 30% faster construction time than masonry. A typical timber frame house can be weather-tight in less than a week and because timber frame is a dry form of construction, it requires no drying-out period so subcontractors can get on site and underway more quickly.
  • Uses a non-toxic, naturally renewable building material that is better for the environment.

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